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"I came to this office because you are willing to treat fever blisters/cold sores. I chose the ozone treatment and had amazing results, the blister is almost gone in just over 24 hours, this usually takes 7 or more days with other treatments!"


What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is an energized form of oxygen that is used to disinfect and destroy bacteria in the mouth. It breaks down the structure of biological contaminants (like bacterial and viral infections) without damage to human body cells. In addition, it stimulates circulation and the immune system to reduce inflammation and speed wound healing.

Ozone has long been used in medical practice, and now has some amazing applications in dentistry. Medical-grade ozone is created by electrically activating a combination of the purest forms of oxygen and ozone in an ozone generator. Carefully administered, it is a safe and powerful anti-microbial agent that is completely painless for the patient.

Dr. Brad Dixon is a leading-edge dentist in Gainesville, Georgia who employs the latest ozone therapy techniques to patients looking for a deep dental clean.

Why Would I Need Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is used as a supplement to conventional dental techniques to promote overall oral health. It can be used to:

  • Deep clean dentures, removing odor-causing bacteria.
  • Clean the enamel, aiding in prevention of cavities.
  • Heal infection in the jaw bone and stimulate remineralization, stopping bone loss and improving bone density.
  • Treat the pain and inflammation of TMJ/TMD.
  • Disinfect the pulp chamber during a root canal and remove discoloration inside the tooth.
  • Treat gum disease by mixing in an olive oil base, and as a gas during scaling and root planing to reach under the gum line into deep pockets to kill dangerous microorganisms.
  • Quickly heal infections like canker and cold sores, and surgical sites (from extractions and dental implants).
  • Desensitize teeth that are overly reactive to temperature or pressure.

How is Ozone Therapy Applied?

Ozone therapy is applied using a painless gas that is delivered via a hand piece or infused with liquid in controlled concentrations. No anesthetic is required. Dr. Dixon has invested in state-of-the-art ozone therapy equipment and training to deliver the best treatment possible to his patients.

Dr. Brad Dixon DMD: An Ozone Therapy Dentist You Can Trust

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