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Brad Dixon DMD: Gainesville Dentist

Brad Dixon DMD

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Dr. Brad Dixon is a dentist in Gainesville, Georgia. In 1984, Dr. Dixon set out to develop a dental practice dedicated to providing an atmosphere where compassion, professionalism, and service merge seamlessly. He has put together a dental team who shares that philosophy. Together they make excellence in dentistry a reality for patients of all ages.

Brad Dixon, DMD provides a comprehensive range of services combining technology with a warm, family feel and good humor. He values each patient, knows you by name, and really cares about your health and happiness.


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Our Services & Technology

We take the term "patient services" literally. In our practice, treatment revolves around the patient, and you are part of the process from beginning to end. 



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What Our Clients Say About Us

5 Star - wish there was a higher rating to choose. Met Sherri---an EXCELLENT person at your office, and the doc, Mr. Dixon--also excellent. Thanks for the great help and attitude.





Around the Office

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