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What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer the most reliable, comfortable, and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth. A dental implant is a titanium screw that is fused with the jaw bone. Attached to the implant is a natural-looking crown, which acts as your new tooth. Some patients only need individual or partial sets of dental implants, but others may be candidates for a full arch of dental implants. This is a full-mouth restoration alternative to dentures.

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How Much Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost In Gainesville?

A full mouth restoration with dental implants does not fit every budget. This option is typically more costly than implant support dentures, bridges or  individual crowns. Dr. Dixon will help you determine the costs for your particular situation, and help you create a full mouth restoration plan that is best for you. Contact us or request an appointment today!

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

A full arch of dental implants is the most permanent means of tooth replacement currently available. This option allows each tooth to be replaced with a titanium implant and a beautiful porcelain crown, which is custom designed to fit your mouth perfectly. Implants help you get back your beautiful smile, restore your ability to eat and speak naturally, and gain confidence!

A natural-looking solution:

Of course, appearance is a huge benefit. Correctly designed and placed, a dental implant restoration is not discernable from a natural tooth. Because the implant resides in the jaw bone, it provides vital stimulation to keep bone dense and strong, avoiding a caved in facial appearance.

Eat what you want:

Dentures are known for being problematic at mealtime. Even with the use of adhesives, these appliances tend to slip, making it impossible to eat certain foods. You are not likely to see a denture wearer enjoying a meal of steak and corn on the cob. Dental implants, however, are much more stable and allow for a normal diet. Eat whatever you like!

Protect your jawbone:

After a natural tooth is lost, the bone tissue in that area begins to melt away in a process known as resorption. Over time, this can lead to changes in the appearance of your jawline, as well as an increased risk of bone fracture. Implants prevent resorption by mimicking the action of tooth roots, keeping the bone healthy.

Hassle-free hygiene:

A dental implant is strong and durable. It feels natural in your mouth, and bites, chews, and withstands wear like your existing teeth. The porcelain crown is stain resistant. No special care is required. You simply brush and floss the implant restoration as you care for your other teeth.

Last a lifetime:

With good oral hygiene, a dental implant is considered a lifetime restoration, and the success rate is incredibly high (over 95 percent). The upfront cost will likely be higher than a fixed bridge or partial denture, but those alternatives have to be replaced periodically. A dental implant is cost effective over a span of years. Plus, you don’t lose time from work for re-treatment.


Though they might be initially more expensive than other, older treatment options, they hold their value due to their trusted longevity. Over the course of many years, this option will be considerably less expensive per year than dental bridges or dentures, which may require ongoing maintenance.

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