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Dr. Brad Dixon of Gainesville, Georgia is proud to offer his patients LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure) treatment for gum disease. Laser treatment has the same great benefits as traditional surgery, without most of the unpleasant side effects.

Gum disease is an overwhelmingly common condition, endangering the oral and overall health of millions of Americans. In the earliest stages, it can be treated effectively with a conservative technique called scaling and root planing. However, because the symptoms of gum disease are very subtle, many people do not seek treatment until it has progressed to the more advanced stages. By this time, the gums have separated from the teeth creating pockets that are too deep for scaling and root planing alone.

Historically, a patient with advanced periodontal disease had few options. Treatment required the surgical removal of diseased tissue, which involved considerable pain, bleeding and a lengthy recovery. The alternative was doing nothing, which allowed harmful microorganisms to invade the oral tissues, eroding the gums, and eating away at the bone until there was no support left for the teeth, causing them to fall out. Fortunately, laser treatment offers today's patients a gentler, yet equally effective way to restore oral health.

Laser Treatment of Gum Disease: Step-by-Step

  • Before beginning, we will use a local anesthetic to numb the area, keeping you comfortable.
  • A very fine laser fiber is gently inserted between the gums and the teeth. It delivers energy that destroys bacteria and diseased tissue.
  • Feedback from the laser fiber alerts your dentist or hygienist about areas of roughness (safe haven areas for bacteria accumulation) on the root surface.
  • Specially designed hand tools, along with an ultrasonic scaler are used to remove accumulations on the tooth root and smooth out the root surface.
  • The laser is used once again to complete the debridement and seal the gum tissues to promote healing and act as a bandage.
  • Finally, the gum tissue is compressed against the tooth, and a stabilizing clot forms along the gumline, keeping it in place.

The entire process takes just two hours or less to complete, and most patients only need two LANAP sessions to achieve optimal results.

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Dr. Brad Dixon: Laser Treatment For gum disease

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