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"I originally became interested in Dr. Dixon because of his sedation dentistry. I also wanted a dentist who was current with new methods in dental care. I have found that Dr. Dixon is on the leading edge of dental care and is very concerned with the comfort and care he gives each patient."

MaryJane Taylor

Oral conscious sedation is one of the three methods of sedation dentistry that Dr. Brad Dixon uses to provide a more comfortable dental experience for his patients in Gainesville, Georgia.

Oral conscious sedation provides a deeper level of relaxation than laughing gas. Patients take a pill the night before and the morning of the appointment. Despite being conscious and responsive throughout dental treatment, patients experience a deep level of calm and often do not remember the visit afterward.

Patients will need someone to bring them to and from your appointment, and should expect to feel a bit groggy the rest of the day.

With years of experience in sedation dentistry, Dr. Dixon is an expert at making his patients’ dental visits comfortable. Whether you experience dental anxiety or are undergoing a more intense procedure, oral conscious sedation may be the best method for you to have a pleasant experience. Alternative sedation methods include nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and the revolutionary NuCalm technique.

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Dr. Brad Dixon: Oral Conscious Sedation Dentist

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