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What are Immediate Dentures And How Do I Get Them?

Unlike typical implant supported dentures, immediate dentures can be installed right after the dental implant procedure. Immediate dentures remove that waiting period between surgery and getting your dentures in place, which means that you can begin getting used to your beautiful new smile sooner. Whether you need a full or partial set, immediate dentures in Gainesville might be the right option for you.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Usually, implant supported dentures rely on full-sized dental implants to hold them in place. Immediate dentures, however, can be installed using mini dental implants (MDIs). MDIs are smaller in diameter and precisely designed so that bone fuses with them very quickly. They may be “loaded” with a denture immediately upon placement.

How do Immediate Dentures Work?

Dr. Dixon prepares the denture in advance, before the procedure. Using the modern advanced dental technology, he crafts custom dentures that are natural-looking, comfortable, durable and stable. During the procedure, he extracts teeth, places the implants, and attaches the dentures right away. You don’t have to go a day without a good looking smile, and you are able to eat a fairly normal diet soon after. Denture fit can be adjusted after your mouth fully heals.

What Is The Immediate Denture Procedure?

The dental implant procedure is very safe and has an incredibly high success rate. Dr. Dixon performs the operation in house. He often uses oral conscious sedation to help you relax, along with anesthetic to thoroughly numb the area.

The mini titanium implant is placed using a computerized surgical guide, utilizing laser technology. Only a small incision is required, which heals quickly. The mini implants are installed with the immediate denture pre-attached and you are good to go! Once your mouth is fully healed, the dentures can be re-fitted if necessary.

How do I Maintain my Immediate Dentures?

These implant supported dentures are also removable for good oral hygiene. Just like regular teeth, you should clean your dentures every day, and clean the gums beneath the dentures. Regular brushing and flossing, along with dentist checkups will keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful.

Are Immediate Dentures Right for Me?

There are a few options for implant-supported dentures. To find out which option is best for your specific situation, consult Dr. Dixon. We will be happy to meet with you and determine your best course of action. Contact us today or schedule an appointment!

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