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Louis Armstrong sang, "When you're smiling, 'keep on smiling'. The whole world smiles with you." We agree – smiles are contagious. To keep yours bright and attractive, see us for professional teeth whitening KÖR treatment.

Dr. Brad Dixon is a dentist in Gainesville, Georgia who has been helping patients smile brightly with professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services for decades. Known for its friendly atmosphere, Dr. Dixon’s office has received excellent reviews from patients in the North Georgia area.

As a major advocate of continuing education, Dr. Dixon has extensive experience with advanced dentistry technology, so that he can provide the best possible care for his patients. Using the advanced but gentle KÖR teeth whitening method, Dr. Dixon reverses staining and discoloration with three convenient deep-bleaching options:

In-Office Teeth Whitening In Gainesville

The fastest way to go from dingy to dazzling. We apply a prescription-strength tooth whitening gel to your teeth while protecting the delicate soft tissues of your mouth. You relax while the gel is activated with a special, safe light. In about an hour your smile is remarkably whiter. This is an excellent choice when you need to look your best in short notice for a big event, or simply for busy patients.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Comfortable, custom-fit teeth whitening trays keep the peroxide gel where it is most effective, on your teeth (not in your mouth or down your throat). You wear the trays for about an hour each day, in the privacy and convenience of your home. You'll notice an improvement right away, with full results in about two weeks. You maintain your brilliant smile with touch-ups, as needed.

Office and Home Combination

Jumpstart your smile with an in-office treatment and keep it stunning with at-home whitening. We provide everything you need, including instruction.

Many whiteners work only on surface stains, attempting to return teeth to their original shade. The KöR deep bleaching system is different. It loosens and removes surface stains, and can actually bleach teeth to a lighter shade than nature delivered.

KÖR whitening is effective and gentle. Our patients report very little discomfort, and we take extra steps to minimize discomfort for those who have extremely sensitive teeth. Be assured that when sensitivity does occur, it is minor and temporary.

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best teeth whitening dentist in GA

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