Ozone Therapy Dentistry Near Me: Frequently Asked Questions

ozone therapy near me

Ozone Therapy: A Safe & Effective Treatment for Dentistry

What is ozone?

Ozone is trioxygen (O3)—meaning it contains one more oxygen atom than the oxygen in the air we breath (O2). The first thing most people think of when they hear “ozone” is the ozone layer, but O3 can also be used as a powerful and safe sterilant in dental treatments.

How does ozone treatment work?

Ozone therapy is a safe and effective way to disinfect and sanitize teeth and gums. It can be applied as a gas or a liquid to destroy bacteria and viruses in the mouth. The process is painless—it is not invasive and does not require anesthesia.

What dental conditions does ozone therapy treat?

Is ozone therapy safe?

Yes. Ozone is just as safe as oxygen when used by a trained dentist. It is also quick and convenient, and does not require any invasive procedures or anesthesia.

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